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AutoCAD Sucks

2012 - April
So I stumble upon this Twitter account by somebody named Master Bim.  He apparently dislikes AutoCAD more than me and tweets about it.  I was amused, so I share some of his highlights (or low-lites).  Sure, its a bit childish, perhaps not that funny, but it feels good to a BIM guy bruised from trying to change the world.

Master Bim @ShitMyRevitSays

"Just a kickass piece of software looking for love."
  1. AutoCAD has proven that it is after all possible to get a virus on a Mac.
  2. I just took the biggest AutoCAD... i might need to call a plumber.
  3. DWG's do not belong in families... they pee all over the place.
  4. If i had a nickel for every time that AutoCAD sucked, I'd have all the money in the world.
  5. "The future just isn't what is used to be" - AutoCAD.
  6. Roses are red, violets are blue... AutoCAD sucks, I thought you knew.
  7. ... They're giving out Sketchup pamphlets on Wallstreet... I guess its the right demographic.
  8. That awkward moment when an AutoCAD user brags about their graph paper style background... ooooohh and it does ISO too....
  9. There once was an AutoCAD user from Nantucket...
  10. A storm is a brewing... its blowing harder than AutoCAD outside.
  11. Instead of crayons, this BBQ joint gives kids AutoCAD to play with while they wait for their food.
  12. If you want an answer: ask an engineer... if you want a story: ask an architect.
  13. AutoCAD ain't nothing but one giant temp file.
  14. Thinking about renaming the "Import CAD" button to "Disappoint The Model" for 2013.
  15. Fun fact: every time a DWG is linked or imported into a model, a fluffy kitten drowns in a saucer of warm milk.
  16. Plan b should never include the use of AutoCAD.
  17. The lady caught building that meth lab inside a Walmart in Tampa just admitted to designing it in AutoCAD.
  18. I just hope that whatever gets designed using AutoCAD can't be seen from my house.
  19. Fun fact: BIM Mgrs have a 86% higher chance of being employed in 2015 than CAD Mgrs and a 91% less chance of being mauled by a tiger.
  20. AutoCAD sucks as a facility design tool.
  21. This place is a mess... looks like somebody took an AutoCAD in here.
  22. Sometimes kicking ass means you're not an AutoCAD user.
  23. A day without AutoCAD is a day without pain.
  24. Every time you use AutoCAD, a cute fluffy kitten goes blind.
  25. My NDA for AutoCAD 2013 was lifted today... so I can officially tell you that AutoCAD 2013 sucks too.
  26. You know what sucks most about AutoCAD 2013?.... everything.
  27. Three AutoCAD users walked into a bar... to clean it.
  28. I found something that I really like about AutoCAD 2013!... the uninstaller.
  29. Smells like somebody took a mean AutoCAD in here.