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Top Ten Reasons to Work With Us

2011 - March
The Top Ten Reasons to Develop a Relationship With Mark Palacios and Palacios Design Systems


I am at the peak of my career with 33 years of professional experience in Architecture and Engineering, 21 years working with CAD, 14 Years working in 3D, 10 Years working in BIM, 9 years in Church Design, and I’m still a just a kid.  Your project will be completed with insight that comes with experience.


While I don’t need to be trained to do my job, I am still teachable and crave knowledge.  I practice continual incremental improvement and learning.  Your project will be completed with excellence.


My self-built, water-cooled, 6 core, dual 192 CUDA core GPU, dual HD LED monitor computer was designed specifically for Revit Architecture.  Your project will be completed quickly and efficiently.


I think in Revit, sometimes I dream in it.  Revit and I are one.   I heart Revit.  Your project will be done correctly.


I will make your designs look fabulous.  I am on my way to mastering V-Ray.  The day is soon approaching when the photo-realistic renderings and animations I produce will be indistinguishable from real photographs and video.  My mission is to design beautiful Churches.  Your project will be aesthetically pleasing, perhaps even stunning.


I know who I am, I know what I can do, I know what I’m good at and I know what I should avoid.  If I can’t do something well, I will find someone who can help me.  Your project will be completed with integrity.


I am a “Creeker”, I go to Willow Creek Community Church.  Every firm needs one of these around to challenge the status quo.  Your project will be based on my experiencing how a thriving modern Church works.


I think inside the box, outside the box and sometimes I dissolve the box or set it on fire.  Sometimes my head is so full of ideas; I can’t spit them out fast enough.  You will know that your project was given inspired optimum consideration.


I work freelance (I prefer the term independent), you only use my services when you have work.  I work on a fixed fee, not by the hour.  If I can’t satisfy you, I won’t bill you.  Does anybody have a better offer?  You will dramatically reduce your risk.


If you don’t hire me, your competition will.  You don’t even want to think about the implications of that.  You will drive innovation and lower prices to the benefit of your clients.
Mark Palacios,
Mar 17, 2011, 2:33 PM