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Mission Statement

As a follower of Jesus, I will allow the Holy Spirit of The Creator of the universe to flow through me, lead me, inspire me, teach me and correct me to fulfill my mission.

My Mission is to design beautiful Churches

  • Churches whose theme is space and light.
  • Churches that aesthetically and psychologically touch people in profound and significant ways.
  • Churches that are uplifting and inspiring, encouraging spiritual contemplation, and bringing peace and comfort to the heart, soul and mind.
  • Churches created with reproducible, efficient, functional, beauty that speaks with a consistent geometrical, modular language, expressing function, structure, organization and order with inexpensive modular materials.
  • Churches created using design tools that allow efficient, accurate and realistic simulation in 3D, color, motion and sound, while providing excellent design deliverables, customer service and value.
  • Church projects where I will help, encourage, mentor, lead and serve other like-minded clients, builders, architects, engineers, designers and students.
  • Churches created by a fully functioning team where architecture, leadership, integrity, excellence and self-respect are valued. A team that will compensate for each other’s imperfections and encourage each other’s strengths.
  • Churches created within a business model that provides profitability in proportion to the services, and effort provided, allowing us to become as prosperous as Gods plans allow.
  • Churches created in a business environment that allows its members to continually develop their knowledge, wisdom, humility, integrity and character.


“The local church is the hope of the world, and its future rests primarily in the hands of its leaders.” ~ Bill Hybels