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I believe that this will cover everything you need to know in order to receive the great benefits I have for you. I am very flexible, and can accommodate almost any reasonable request. I do have some preferences though and I believe that you will receive the best value using the advantages my preferences offer. However I am willing to do what you require.


I prefer to do my production work at home. I am most efficient with minimum distraction and have an awesome computer perfectly suited to BIM / CAD.  However I am willing to work and travel to anywhere in the United States.

Employee Status

I prefer to work as a freelancer (or independent). However I am willing to work as a contract, part-time, or full-time employee. Make me an offer I can’t refuse.


I prefer to bid on projects, this way everybody knows in advance exactly what is required and the incentive is in the right place.
It makes no sense to me either ethically or personally not to reduce production time where possible through upgrading technology, education and customization. If I can do it faster and better, isn’t it just wrong not to?
If I am being compensated by the hour, it makes no business sense to invest in reducing the amount of time it takes to produce drawings. I would be investing my fees to reduce my fees and the faster I work, the sooner I would bankrupt myself.
What makes sense is to have a fee structure that is based on an objective standard such as per square foot, per sheet, cost of construction or by bidding. I have a system that allows me to price any project in ten minutes and generate a proposal along with milestone delivery dates. I also take into account the changes that occur during the normal course of an architectural design project.
I can do almost any complete architectural project for about 1% of the cost of construction. Smaller area projects can be closer to 2%.
I believe that hourly rates are irrelevant because people work at vastly different speeds based on their knowledge, experience, incentive and technology among other things. Reluctantly I am willing to work hourly. As a freelancer covering my own taxes, insurance, computer hardware and software upgrades, constant training, research and development, free work and under-bidding, I need about $50 per hour. As an employee, I need about $33 per hour.


I prefer to give milestone dates for deliverables. I prefer to be paid upon completion of each milestone.
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what deliverables you will get, on what date you will get them, how much it will cost your firm, and when the payment is due? This is my preference.


If you don’t like the work I have done for you, I will fix it to your standards. If you still don’t like it, I will not bill you. I prefer raving fans to unhappy customers.
If I haven’t answered all your questions on how we can work together, please ask.
Isn’t this the best possible scenario that allows you to try Revit and BIM technology at the lowest cost with the least risk?